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We get plenty of questions daily on behalf of our registered clubs so we would like to answer some of them here. If your question is not anwered, please refer to your club. Click on the question you would like answered.


  1. How are Handicaps calculated?
  2. My previous NGN scores are not on your system, how can I get them loaded?
  3. How do I login?
  4. How do I register games with The Golfers Card?
  5. I can't delete a game that I mistakenly entered, what can I do?
  6. How do I receive my new handicap card?
  7. How does this new Handicap system affect clubs that are on the NGN system?
  8. Clubs don't recognise me as an affiliated member, whats the problem?
  9. Do I still receive Discovery Vitality points?
  10. I am not able to see my name and handicap on DSTV
  11. When adding a game, the drop down box does not appear giving me options to choose the club. Whats up?

How do I register games with The Golfers Card?

We provide two methods of registering games with The Golfers Card. Firstly, you can login to our main website, and enter you scores. Alternatively, you can use your mobile phone. After every game registered, we send a confirmation email of that game you added. This is used for security purposes.


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