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The International Golf Club

The International Golf Club was setup so the individual can join for an annual membership fee, this includes your handicap, participate in the club competitions and leaderboards. Read more...


Golf Masters Club

Established in 2014, Durban, South Africa

The Golf Master’s Club has been built on the basis of Fair Play, Integrity and respect for fellow players. Read more...


Smokin' Aces


18 Flags Golf Club is a Private Group

18 Flags Golf Club


Young Guns Social Club is a private group

Young Guns Social Club


Handicap provider for

South Africa

United Arab Emirates


The International Club

How it works...

The GolfersCard Administration System has been designed to make managing of Golf Memberships easy and simple and has been in use by major golf clubs for many years.

When the new handicap system was introduced worldwide, it was found that non-golf club members have great difficulty in managing and calculating their handicap which, of course, created its own problems when competing.

To address these challenges, GolfersCard has decided to open up its system to individuals and social groups which will make life a lot easier for many.


Join as an Individual.

We have set up The International Golf Club that you can join for an annual membership fee of R 300 that includes your handicap, participate in the club competitions and leaderboards.

But, of course, you can join any other club that have registered on GolfersCard.


Register and Complete your games.
Updates Your Handicap.
Track Your Game History.
Check Your Fellow Golfers.
Player of the Year!
Use our Mobile App.
Golf Course Handicap Calculator. (Free for all!).
Register and/or Complete a Game.
Overall and/or Club Leaderboard.
Proof of Membership.


For more details contact Ben at:
[email protected]

Tel: +27 82 891 5171

Important Please note, We are independent from any Golf Organisation in South Africa.




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